Chicago Animal Advocates is a humane organization assisting in the rescue of animals that have been abandoned by their owners or society. Our goal is to promote proper and responsible animal care, with a focus on the importance of sterilizing animals to help our country become a No-Kill nation. We are committed to finding the best homes for all the animals that enter our organization. 

Our primary target areas, in which we are providing our services to, is the Chicago and the Chicagoland area. Currently we are accepting owner surrenders, but only as space allows. 

Our No Kill Mission

We do not believe in euthanizing animals due to a lack of space or health issues. We also do not discriminate (or euthanize) against an animal’s age, breed, or color or appearance. 

The only time we will ever consider euthanizing any animal will be under one of these conditions:

  1. Animals who are irremediably suffering. Chicago Animal Advocates will do what is medically possible to help an animal, and offer hospice care if a health issue cannot be cured or maintained, until the board and our veterinarian agree that it is in the best interest for the animal to be humanely euthanized. We do not believe in allowing an animal to suffer when there is nothing medically we can do to manage symptoms or treat a disease.
  2. Animals that pose an extreme danger to people. Any serious behavioral issues will be evaluated by our trainer.

All decisions involving euthanasia will be made by the Chicago Animal Advocates board with guidance from a veterinarian and/or behaviorist/trainer.