Chicago Animal Advocates is providing a small sponsorship for selected dogs or cats at Chicago Animal Care and Control. If your rescue has pulled one of these eligible animals, please read our rules and fill out the form below.

Fund Status: CLOSED.

Required Criteria

To obtain sponsorship for a selected dog or cat, please note that we have specific criteria that needs to be met. Sponsored dogs or cats are selected by Chicago Animal Advocates and the CACC tansfer teams only. Any requests for dogs not selected by either organization will be ignored.

Organization MUST be an approved homeward bound rescue. NO third party transfers.

Organization must be a 501c3.

Organization's Representative *
Organization's Representative
Organization's Address *
Organization's Address
BOTH are required.
Criteria Acknowledgment: I have read the criteria/rules and can assure my organization meets all requirements.
I understand if my organization is found to have misrepresented any information, my organization will be required to immediately return the sponsorship. Organizations intentionally misrepresenting information will be banned from receiving future sponsorship from this fund.
I understand I will need to fill out a final reporting on how the funds donated were used, which may include receipts. Failure to return this final reporting will mean the receiving organization will have to return the donation received. Organizations that fail to return a final reporting will not be eligible to receive funding in the future.
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